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Substance Abuse Services

Double Jeopardy

If a student has been arrested and is facing criminal penalties for an alcohol or other drug-related offense, s/he may still face University penalties for the offense if it violates the Student Conduct Code. This does not constitute “double jeopardy”. In general, the Conduct Code applies only to conduct that occurs on University premises, at University sponsored activities, and activities that can be interpreted as representing the University. However, the Code may also be extended to address behavior/incidents that occur off-campus, if the incident adversely affects the University community and/ or the pursuit of its objectives.

Most violations of the UNI Drugs and Alcohol Policy are heard via an administrative hearing facilitated by either a Residence Life Coordinator or a Student Conduct Administrator from the Dean of Student’s Office. During these hearings, the student responds to the written allegation, and any supportive documentation, of the potential policy violation. The hearing is the student’s opportunity to explain what occurred and why.

Severe violations of the Conduct Code, which may result in student suspension or expulsion, are addressed in a different manner. These cases are heard by a body called the Student Conduct Committee in a process known as a Formal Hearing. Detailed information about hearings is provided in the Student Conduct Code.